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Cage systems
1,it can hold more chickens and reduce the floor space.
2,it helps prevent the killing of chicken natural enemies.
3,for hot climates, such as Nigeria, South Africa, etc..
4,it is easy to control parasitic disease, such as coccidiosis and worm invasion.
5,corrosion resistance, not easy to deformation.
Auto Feeding system
Vacuum feeding machine can automatically transfer all kinds of materials to hopper silo, packing machine injection molding machine, grinder and other equipment, but also directly to the mixing and transporting materials to the mixer(such as V type mixer,mixing machine, two-dimensional three-dimensional mixer etc..), reduce the labor intensity of the workers, to solve the problem of dust overflow when feeding, pharmaceutical factory, food factory is the preferred equipment for GMP certification, to promote clean and civilized production,
Drinking system
Through the controller automatic control of water temperature and water quantity of chicken, pig farm implements water automatic control, which can not only improve the yield of chicken meat, can produce good chicken, while not making water resource waste and environmental pollution, but also save the cost
Manure Cleaning System
It can effectively clean the excrement to the outside septic tank;the utility model has the advantages of  simple structure, low failure rate and clean feces; Save time and effort, improve work efficiency.
Ventilation System 
Hot summer weather, intensive farming, breeding farm for temperatures up to 40 or even higher, use sheds fan ventilation cooling water curtain cooling products after the temperature can be controlled at 28 DEG C,is beneficial to improve the growth rate the animal, improve feed conversion rate.
Cooling pad System
The cooling pad works in the condition of negative pressure, and is installed in the side wall or in the gable wall, and the fans are installed in the opposite side. The water film of recyclable water system is formed in the surface of the pad, when the air goes through the pad, the heat will be taken up by the water's evaporation.
Environment Control System
Control the environment in the chicken house and increase production.

1) Main Steel: Q195, Q215, Q235, Q255, Q275, Q345, Q235, etc.
2) Column & Beam: Welded or Hot rolled H-section
3) Connection method of steel structure: welding connection or bolt connection
4) Wall & Roof: EPS, Rockwool, PU sandwich, corrugated steel sheet
5) Door: Rolled up door or Sliding door
6) Window: Plastic steel or Aluminum alloy window
7) Surface: Hot dip galvanized or painted. (More RAL color as per request)
8) Crane: 5MT, 10MT, 15MT, etc.
Advantages of light steel structure:
1) Cost saving and transportation convenient, custom design available
2) The main beam and column are made of quality steel
3) Steel structure makes the house resist heavy wind of 140km/h and 8-grade earthquake
4) Easy assembly and disassembly several times without damage
5) Widely used in construction site, office building, dormitory etc.
6) Good environmental protection effect. Steel structure housing construction greatly reduces sand, stone and dosage of the ash. Most of the used materials are recyclable or degradable, little rubbish produced
Project scope:
Industrial steel structure warehouse/Steel workshop/hangar/garage/chicken shed, container house, prefabricated home, shed, exhibition hall, office buildings, garage, multi-story building, agricultural storage, logistic centers and all kinds of steel materials, sandwich panel, welded H steel,C/Z channel, corrugated steel sheet, preprinted steel sheet, etc.
Products & Service Scope:
Design& Engineering service, steel building, space frames, portable cabins, tubular steel structures, basic building elements (built-up welded H-section, hot-rolled H-section, channel, steel column, steel beam), standard frames, secondary framing, roof & wall materials, tempcon (sandwich) panels
Drawings & Quotation:
1) Customized design is welcomed.
2) As long as you like, we can design and provide drawings for you.
3) In order to give you an exactly quotation and drawings, please let us know length,width, eave height and local weather. We will quote for you promptly.
Engineering Design Software:
AutoCAD, PKPM, MTS, 3D3S, Tarch,Tekla Structures(Xsteel)V12.0.etc
Payment Terms:
1) Payment: L/C or by T/T(30% prepaid as deposit, the balance 70% before shipment)
2) Delivery time: 15~40 days, usually as customers' order
3) Shipment: 20”GP, 40”GP, 40”HQ, 40”OT or in bulk
Products have been exported to Europe, North America, the Middle East,Africa, Asia and other countries and regions.