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Rockwool insulation sandwich wall and roof panel with or without side steel stripe, rockwool wall panel, rockwool sandwich panel, rockwool panel

Life span : more than 25 years


Application: widely used in steel structure warehouse, factories, exhibition hall, container houses, cold storage, etc.


1. Light in weight                       

2. Heat-insulation, good sound insulation

3. Good durability,

4. Waterproof        

5. Competitive in price      

6. Hot-dip Galvanized Steel Sheets then Color Coated

7. Sound insulation: Up to 40-50 decibels

Top quality:

1. Import processing equipment, modernized production line

2. Reasonable and strict processing flow.

3. Strict quality inspection, five inspection procedures

4. Special competence of personnel going to post after professional skill check.

High-class efficiency:

1. Processing capacity two large-scale manufacturing workshop & design

2. Material supply rapidness, smooth, with adequate spare parts

3. Management capacity rich experience.­




Cover Width
950mm & 1150mm
According to customer's request
Upper and lower layer: color steel sheet
Core: rockwool board
Color steel sheet: 0.18 - 0.6mm
rockwool insulation thickness: 50 - 200mm
RAL Standard
Light in weight, hear insulation, water resisting, green and environmental
For the roof of large size factory buildings, storages,
exhibition halls, gymnasiums etc.